Where is Fuel

A few months ago, I had a crazy idea. I thought it would be cool if we moved the location of our Wednesday night student ministry service around to different places every week. We’re portable anyway, so what if we just moved it around to keep it fresh?

So, we decided to go with whereisfuel.com. We basically twitter, email, text and post the location of the upcoming Wednesday night service on Sunday night. We leave the info up on the site for 24 hours, then pull it off.

Over the past few months, we’ve met at the civic center, the movie theater, a meeting room, a high school and maybe one or two other places. We’ve got some interesting places lined up for the next few weeks, including some outdoor locations.  Nearly all the places have been free or very cheap.

How’s it working? Before the change we were running about 80 students. Now we’re running about 130. Students are also having to call and text each other and ask around for the location, so we’re facilitating invites and relationships.  There’s lots of buzz.

It’s out of the box, but I think it works…especially with students.


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