Multiple Services

I’m amazed when I hear about growing churches who are out of space and considering expanding, yet they only have one service on Sunday. If you’ve only got one service on Sunday morning, and your church has more than 100 people in it, you should move to two services right away. Here’s why.

1. Good stewardship. Don’t go spend money on expansion until you are having as many services as you can in your current facility. We do four services on Sunday morning, and though it wears me out, I can rest the next day. I’m not spending money on bigger facilities only to use them 2 hours a week.

2. It’s better for your volunteers. People say they don’t want multiple service because it’s hard on volunteers. Umm…just the opposite is true. When you have two services, your volunteers can serve one and work one. You can also do away with administering volunteer rotations.

3. It gives people options. People that don’t go to church like options. People in general like options, which is why restaurants serve different things and they make 734 kinds of toothpaste. Some people like an earlier service; some people like to sleep in. Some people would rather go on Saturday night. Give people options, don’t make them cater to your preferences.

EVERY time we have added a service time, we have grown. Multiple services are the way to go.


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  1. Jason Taylor on

    Great points. Let me ask some questions for clarification. You said if there are more than 100 people attending your church then you should go to two services. Do you mean 100 adults or more then 100 total in attendance? Also, what if you have enough room to grow to 175 in total average attendance (kids and adults) and say you are averaging 115 right now total attendance at what point do you add another service? plus what if your not at 70% full in the adult service but at 70% in kids or vice versa? What takes priority in making this decision?

    • Michael on

      at the numbers you mention, i’d go to two on a strategic time. give people more choices, communicate that you’re growing, and it’s great for volunteers. it’s not any more work to do the sermon and music twice. go for it!

  2. Jason Taylor on

    Sweet. Thanks Michael. I might be interested in the coaching network if you guys are going to do it. However, I live in AZ it would be a long haul, but maybe a possibility. I would have to see.

  3. Brad Christian on

    Wow… That 100 figure just kicked me in the teeth.

    We are averaging well over 100 every week. On average around 130 low end 180 high end on non holidays not counting the kids. Kids add 30-40…

    We generally average below the horrid “80 percent rule” (even though our capacity is flexible by adding or taking away chairs) when it comes to capacity so there has been little thought into adding a second service. It just really helps by adding options and REALLY helps volunteers.

    but you and Groeshel have been really challenging me on this.

    Thanks man.

    • Michael on

      brad, cool man….keep pushing it. don’t let that 80% rule stop you. it may be the rule for adding a third service down the road, but two is always better than one. messages and songs are already prepared. better for volunteers. and more space and options for people in your community. time the launch of a second series with a key invite series and a little advertising or some outreach.

  4. Charlie on

    Micheal: Could you clarify how adding two services helps volunteers? We are adding a second Sunday AM service (moving from 10am to 9:15am – 11:00am). and our biggest challenge is staffing our kids church for both services. We have a solid rotation of teachers for our current 10am service, but not sure that we can pull the same rotation with the same people for both services. So, I would just like some clarification on how two services are easier in volunteers….thanks

    • Michael on


      Pretty simple for us…if there are two services, a volunteer can serve during one service and attend the other one. it’s not healthy to have people serving and consistently missing the service, and rotations can get confusing.

      when we initially made the switch from one to two, one of the main reasons we did it was to honor our volunteers who worked so hard…we wanted them to have a service to attend. and when we did that, we got rid of all rotations. if you volunteer with kids, you serve every week, because it’s that important. set the bar high, let people know why they are doing what they are doing, and empower people to accomplish the mission.

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