Discipleship Idea

I’ve had a discipleship thought rolling around my head for a year or so, and have no idea if it would work. But here goes…

What if we treated discipleship in the church as a one-on-one relationship rather than a group or a class.

Much like a personal trainer at the gym.

Say you want to get healthy. You join a gym and sit down with a personal trainer. They talk with you about your goals. They learn a little about your schedule and develop a custom workout plan.

What if discipleship was like that? A person comes and says “I want to grow in my faith.” They sit down with someone who takes time to get to know them, learns how they learn, talks through their spiritual goals and then helps them design a personal discipleship plan.

Maybe a group is involved. Or a personal reading plan. Or a class. But it’s driven by the relationship, and customized to the individual.

What if every member or partner in the church had just one person that they were mentoring, coaching or discipling?

No idea how this could work, but it’s an idea.


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  1. Amanda on

    just for the record, i think that’s an awesome idea.

  2. Ariel on

    Sounds interesting and something I’ve also been thinking of for awhile.

    I wonder if there’s some sort of Biblical precedent for this idea …maybe between an older and a younger leader? Like between a guy name Paul and a guy named Timothy?


  3. david on

    there is a significant movement today that is doing this. it’s called “spiritual direction”.

    also groups of 3 instead of 2 called TLC groups.

  4. Daniel on

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this happen! I am done with small groups that have no point…I want to see spiritual development happen in others in a personal and meaningful way!

    I actually posted something about this earlier this week:


    • Michael on

      now that i have an idea, i have to create a plan for making it work. that’s the hard part. 🙂

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