Memorable Messages

During an all staff meeting, I asked our staff how we could make our sermons and messages sticker. In other words, what makes a message memorable? Here’s some of their responses.

1. Humor and personality make it easier to connect and pay attention.

2. Audience participation. One time, we asked people to text in things during the service, and that was a memorable experience.

3. Personal stories. People connect and relate to personal stories. Emotional connections, not informational connections, are more powerful.

4. Aha sermon illustrations. Smashing plates, building a bunker, and giving a tattoo…everyone remembered these illustrations and the points that they represented.

5. Props. Jesus illustrated a point by causing a fig tree to wither up. I can’t really do that, but props and object lessons are often pretty sticky.

What would you add to this list?


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  1. Corbett on

    One main point/teaching.

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