Church Planter Leadership Style

I have the opportunity to meet a bunch of church planters, and I see people falling into roughly three categories. The caution here is that these type of church planters grow a church to as many people as they can personally know and care for.

1. The Pastor Shepherd. This is the kind of guy that knows names, really cares for people, and is a pastor in the traditional sense of the word. The caution here is to remember that the church is not JUST a business, and that spiritual forces are in play.

3. The teacher. This is the guy that just loves to teach. Maybe he was a youth pastor. But this person has stage presence and the ability to teach the Bible with creativity, passion, and relevance. The caution here is to realize that a church is more than a church service and that there is more to pastoring a church than just speaking on Sundays.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a church planter that was all three of these, though sometimes people are blends of two.

If you’re really strong in one area, it’s important to hire someone who is strong in the others. For example, I’m not much of a people person (#1), so I have to hire people who are good at this so that our church stays balanced.
2. The Entrepreneur. This is the get-it-done, driven, almost business like leader. He probably understands marketing and leadership well. He’s got a big vision, and often has the plan to make it happen.


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  1. Jeff Patterson on

    May want to read up a bit on Triperspectivalism, which you are in a sense touching on here.

    Drew Goodmanson has some great resources on it (Prophet, Priest + King)

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