Registration via Google Docs

A couple of people have asked this question, so I thought I’d answer it here. For The Cartersville Egg Drop, we allowed people to pre-register online. We collected information on about 2,000 people, and when they came to the park, they just picked up an armband.

The simple form was created via Google docs, and when the user hits submit, the data automatically goes into a spreadsheet. That makes it easy to manage.  They also get a confirmation page – we used that to give them the schedule for the day once more.

We’ll send all the folks that pre registered an evite to our upcoming series. And we’ll later merge the info with the info received on paper registrations at the park and send a snail mail postcard.

It just allows us another opportunity to invite people to church, so that’s why we do it.


4 comments so far

  1. Carl Thomas on

    You can make forms in Google docs that allows you to update a spreadsheet in google docs?

    Can you point us to a tutorial for this? I would love to do this without coding a MySQL database.


  2. tylerjz on

    How do you guys do evites through your website? Does your CMS provider offer the code for it, or is it an external site?

    • Michael on

      yea, our website provider set that up for us.

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