Open or Closed Doors?

You guys are all smarter than me…what’s your opinion on this one?

Should we leave the doors to our preschool classes in our new building open during drop-off and class room time or should we close the doors once the classes start?

Open Doors: Would have distraction from people walking down hall, and sound from one classroom would bleed into others. Crying babies in one room might create tension in another room.  With an open door, we could use a gate.  The gate would keep kids from escaping.

Closed Doors: I’ve been told that some parents might worry about leaving their kid in a room with a closed door. We always have more than one adult in the room. It would obviously be better for sound and distractions to close the door, and it seems more secure, but what about parent perception?  Is it a big deal for parents to leave a preschooler in a room with a closed door?  Most school REQUIRE closed doors, but these generally have windows.  These doors don’t have windows.

Ultimately, I think we’ll put doors with windows in, but we didn’t get that done in time.  So, what do you think? What’s better for kids, parents, safety, etc.


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  1. Tim Grandstaff on

    I vote for the good old “half doors.” Open on top, closed on bottom. Best of both worlds 🙂

  2. bdutt on

    I think windows or half-doors are a good thing, safety-wise.

  3. Todd on

    I agree with Mrs. Grandstaff Half doors. Plexi glass on top for sound proofing and solid door on bottom.

  4. boyd bettis on

    I would definitely install doors with windows as soon as I could. but for now I would go with the baby gates as a cheaper alternative…or I wonder if the you could get a crazy deal on the doors with windows…you never know.

    I wouldn’t risk the thought of the ‘what if’ with the closed doors.

  5. Anthony on

    I’m not taking sides in this great debate. All I know is in public school we were required to lock our doors when all of the kids were in. Biggest reason when people came on campus they didn’t want them to have unsolicited access to students.

  6. Ben Dubow on

    No windows = open doors, imho. We put windows into our existing (wood) doors — it was a pretty easy and inexpensive project. If they are metal doors, obviously that is a bit more work and money.


  7. randel on

    as a mom, open doors for sure at this point. i vote doors with big windows as soon as possible, though.

  8. Michael on


    it looks like the fire and building codes require doors that automatically close and stay closed. we can’t prop them open without violating the codes. we can install windows, but they have to be with fire-rated glass…so this is something we’ll be looking into.

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