Series/Season Planning

For the past couple of years, we’ve been pretty intentional about series planning…putting certain topics at certain times of the year. For example, we’ve typically put what we call an “A-Game” series in August or January, when new people are most likely to visit a church for the first time.

However, in recent months, I’ve started looking at things from a little broader perspective. I’m trying to look at the series leading up to the series, the A-game series itself, and the series coming after it as a SEASON.

August, September and October are really one season here at Oak Leaf Church. So instead of just putting something cool in August, I’m looking at three series and how they fit together. It’s shaping up kind of like this.

1. A series on evangelism, purpose of the church…fire up the troops kind of thing.

2. A key invite series, where the Gospel is presented and we pull out all the stops. We spent weeks challenging our people to invite and telling them what is coming, so this series seals the deal.

3. Something on next steps or spiritual growth. Praying, Bible reading, hearing from God.

This fall, it’s shaping up like this for us.

1. Beautiful Feet – a series on the purpose of the Church universal. Why are we here? What’s the point? We’ll spend time in Acts.

2. Amazing Grace. Three weeks just talking about grace and telling stories about people who have experienced grace.

3. Go Green – three ways you can grow in your faith.

I’m praying that all three of these series will work together to produce a season of growth…not just numerically, but spiritually.


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