Documents for Your Church

If you are a part of the Launch and Lead coaching network for church planters, I’m going to give you about 50 documents and forms that we use at Oak Leaf Church.  These are field-tested resources that will save you tons of time. If you’re interested in the Coaching Network, which will begin in August and meet once a month for six months, you can email Tracy and she will get you an application.  I’ll be partnering with Brian Bloye from Westridge.  Also, our graphic designer will create a custom sermon series package – complete with graphic, postcard, and handout.  That’s worth the price of the network right there.

Here’s a sample of the documents and forms that I’ll give you.  (At this time, I’m only making them available for those people going through the network.)

Statement of Beliefs
Job description for board of directors
Directions for taking attendance
Calendar Request
Descriptions of Meetings and Retreats

Facility Use Policy
Facility Use Request Form
Building Procedures

Volunteer Application
Policies and Procedures Manual
Handbook for Parents
Baby Dedication Philosophy
Fuel Policies and Procedures
Pro Kids Policy
Student Ministry Handbook

Counseling Confidentiality Agreement
Counseling Procedures
FTG Follow Up Process
FTG Form Email
FTG Form Letter
Greeter Handbook
Greeter Training
Parking Handbook
Parking Training
Security Plan
Small Group Handbook
New Christian process
New Christian Letter
Volunteer Job Descriptions

Series Video/Graphic Checklist
Series Planning Timetable
Master Production Checklist
Worship Philosophy
Creative Arts Ministry Manual
Style Guide

Flash Report
Chart of Accounts
Spending Procedures
Offering Count Directions

Employee Handbook
First Day Checklist for New Hires
Leadership Development Plan
Resignation Agreement
Hiring Process
Job Application
First Day Checklist
Interview Form
New Employee Agreement/Contract
Termination Agreement
Six Month Staff Evaluation
Staff Job Descriptions


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