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Volunteer Job Descriptions

As a part of our systems check-up, we’re revising all of our volunteer job descriptions. Most pastors have written job descriptions, but do your volunteers have them? Do they know what you’re expecting from them and how long it should take? Do they know who they talk to if they are going to miss a weekend or have a problem? If you’re trying to get someone on the same page, it’s probably best to have an actual page.  We have a written job description for every volunteer position.  Here’s one for an elementary host.

Opportunity: Elementary Host
Time: Weekend Service and approximately 5 hours during the week.
Reports to: Elementary Host Coach

Each Sunday morning we have a unique opportunity to capture the minds and hearts of elementary aged children. We must do everything we can, on and off stage, to show them that God is relevant to their world.

As a Host, your job is to lead the kids in their 1 hour Sunday morning experience…creating a fun, engaging, Christ-centered atmosphere. Be the mouthpiece and the facilitator, driving home the main point.


  1. Practice your script during the week. (If applicable, memorize your lines.)
  2. Arrive early, being sure to huddle with your team each weekend.
  3. Do everything you can to engage the kids with God’s truth. Be goofy, funny, silly, serious, silent, loud, and extremely animated and creative.
  4. Communicate to the Host Coach any new ideas, encouraging stories, or concerns.
  5. “Own” the room on Sunday morning. Be in charge of the “flow”…seeing that the hour runs smooth and on time.

Simple for Who

I am a big fan of Simple Church. The book, and also the principle. We don’t want to have a bunch of programs, so we can have good programs. We don’t want to do a hundred things decent…we want to do a few things really well.

But in the fight for simplicity, I think it’s important to consider the reason you’re keeping things simple.  I’m not trying to keep things simple to have less to do or keep things off my plate. I’m not going to allow simplicity become an excuse for us to not do things well.

  • I’m not going to make a simple website because it’s less work…it needs to be simple because that’s what is best for the user.
  • I’m not going to make a theology class simple because I don’t want to wrestle with the trinity or the Image of God, I’m going to keep it simple so people can understand.
  • I’m not going to not have a mid-week service because we don’t want to staff it…we’re going to focus on the weekend so we can make a greater impact.

Simplicity isn’t a ticket out of working hard. It’s not about you anyway. It’s about them.

Calendar Requests

As our church gets larger, we can’t just decide to throw things on the calendar. All events must go through the calendar process.

There’s a Word Doc form (included in the Docs&Forms package by the way), but the form is also online. This gets submitted to our office manager who checks for immediate problems and checks on availability (of the date, the room, the media tech if needed). All calendar requests are approved in our weekly lead team meeting.

By the way, we use Google Calendar for the master church calendar.  Two or three people can add/delete things but every staff member can subscribe.

Documents and Forms


I’m pleased to announced that our Documents and Forms are available for purchase.  This is a complete set of nearly every document and form that we use…it’s like a church in a box.  Budgets, bylaws, policies, forms, handbooks, strategies, charts and more.  It’s taken us years to get this stuff to where it is now, and I would have probably killed for it three years ago.  $79 for the complete set.

Here’s the link for you to order via paypal.

Soon after your purchase, you’ll receive an email with the download link.  Here’s just some of what will be in the zip file.

Ordination Application
Statement of Beliefs
Calendar Request
Descriptions of Meetings and Retreats
Staff Org Chart
Key and Alarm Agreement
Event Planning Checklist
Facility Use Policy
Facility Use Request Form
Building Procedures
Volunteer Application
Children’s Ministry Policies and Procedures
Children’s Ministry Parent Handbook
Baby Dedication Philosophy
Student Ministry Policies and Procedures
Pro Kids Policy
Counseling Procedures
FTG Follow Up Process
Greeter Handbook
Parking Handbook
Security Plan
Small Group Handbook
New Christian Follow Up Process
Baptism Process
Series Video/Graphic Checklist
Series Planning Timetable
Master Production Checklist
Worship Philosophy
Creative Arts Ministry Manual
Style Guide
Guide to the Giving Talk
Guide to the Welcome
Production Meeting Agenda
Worship Leader Expectations
Chart of Accounts
Spending Procedures
Offering Count Directions
Benevolence Policy
Purchase Requisition
Budgeting Process
Reimbursement Form
Hiring Process
Employee Handbook
Blank Housing Allowance Form
Employment Application
Checklist for New Hires
Leadership Development Plan
Resignation Agreement
6-Month Evaluation
Staff Job Descriptions

Coaching Network Set

Tracy emailed 11 people to let them know they were accepted into the coaching network that’s beginning this fall. I am excited for each and every one of these guys, and the potential that they have to change this world for Christ. I’m looking forward to investing in their lives and teaching them what we’ve learned so far.

Guys are coming from Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia to be a part of this network. That blows me away! Our first session is in August, and we’ll meet once a month for six months.

If you missed out on this network, we’ll probably do another one later in the year or in January.  Stay tuned.

Changes Coming


Heads up.

This website is going to change. It’s going to be absorbed with a new site with a new focus: (which should be up this week).

Launch and Lead is going to focus on providing advice, resources, networking and coaching to people interested in starting churches. All of the posts here will be transferred over to the new site, and new goodness will be added.

Follow launchandlead on twitter for updates.


On my blog, I wrote a few tips for keeping things simple. I think this principle is true for every church, but it’s especially criticial for a church plant. As a church planter, you’ll be tempted to try and do it all, or offer everything that your sponsoring church does.

In reality, you should probably focus 90% of your energy on the weekend services, since that’s when most people will encounter your church for the first time. Behind the scenes, you should build your team…the people that will lead your ministry in the future.

If I was going back and doing it all again, I’d spend less time trying to create catchy core values and messing with the website, and more time on the services and on developing leaders.

Final Coaching Network Update

We’ve received applications from all over the country, and this week is the deadline to apply. I’ll be reading through all of the amazing applications and narrowing the list down to about 12 church planters or leaders.

If you’re interested, but haven’t applied, this is the last call. You can learn more about the network here, and the first session is in August.  If you’ve already applied, look for an email next week.

Job Descriptions

Here’s our job descriptions.  If you want ’em.  A few of them are being revised and tweaked, but you’ll get the idea.

Saying Thanks


Our volunteer leaders gathered last night for a quarterly leadership summit. The goal of last night was simply say thanks for serving. I reminded everyone of just how crazy our mission is, and thanked them for being a little crazy too. We do this four times a year, and each one has a different focus.

1. Vision
2. Appreciation
3. Worship
4. Celebrate

So we say thanks at all of them, but in August, I focus more on the vision for the coming year.

As a part of the night, I gave out the first two Leafys. These are custom made awards to recognize special service. We gave them to two volunteers that just go over and above the call.

Saying thanks is something that I have to keep working on, but it’s like fuel. One of the reasons we don’t have a volunteer problem is that I think we’ve done a good job of creating a volunteer culture. It really means something to be a volunteer leader at Oak Leaf Church.