Make it Better

One reason that our weekend services have consistently improved is because of the constant evaluation.  In fact, it’s the most talked about and evaluated part of our church.

  • We have planning meetings weeks and months in advance.
  • We do a run-thru before the first service.
  • On Saturday night after the service, we evaluate and tweak minor things to make things better.
  • On Monday and Tuesday, we spend a good deal of time writing down thoughts and sharing them with other people.
  • Every weekly production meeting includes hits and misses from the previous week.
  • Every staff member attends the service and has opportunity to provide feedback and input.  And we ask for this feedback on a regular basis?
  • Several people are looking at the service with a critical eye.

What if staff members looked at other environments once a month to gauge their effectiveness?  What if our production people sat through an elementary service?  What if some connections staff members helped in preschool or at kids check in?  What if some kids people assisted in the parking lot or saw parents walking children up to the building?

It’s possible to have too many opinions, and as they say…you can’t please everyone.  But it’s also possible to have too few opinions.  More people evaluating procedures, environments and events will lead to better procedures, environments and events.  You don’t need a new title or a specific authority to offer opinions on what would make something stronger in our church.


3 comments so far

  1. Craig Strauss on


    Do you guys have some type of evaluation form that some random regular attenders can fill out let’s say during the first service of the weekend by chance?

  2. Craig Strauss on

    Thank you sir!

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