Why Oak Leaf is Growing, Part 2

Here’s a few more reasons why I believe Oak Leaf Church is growing.

6.  I take my job very seriously. I work hard, and I expect those around me to work hard.  Church planting is not a part time job, a side thing or a hobby.  I meet with other pastors, go to conferences and stretch myself as a leader.  I understand that this church will never grow beyond my leadership lid.

7.  Volunteers, volunteers, volunteers. We have incredible volunteers, and watching them in action inspires me.  I think about half of our adult attenders volunteer somewhere every single weekend.  We’ve created a culture of volunteers.  We empower them, appreciate them, and realize that we couldn’t do what we do without them.  They are awesome.

8.  We are different.  This goes back to #2, but we aren’t like every other church in town.  Now we may not be all that different when you look at the innovative church lists, but we’re different for our area.  We do things differently and say things differently.

9.  We are bold in our advertising and marketing. We put out signs that say “Chuck Norris Loves Oak Leaf Church.”  Our graphics and postcards look good.  Random people in the community often tell me, “hey…your stuff always looks so good.”

10.  We learn from our mistakes. We are not perfect…far from it.  And we have a long way to go.  We’re still reaching less than 5% of our community, and that’s not good enough.  But when we mess something up, we ask hard questions and keep moving forward.


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