Saying Thanks


Our volunteer leaders gathered last night for a quarterly leadership summit. The goal of last night was simply say thanks for serving. I reminded everyone of just how crazy our mission is, and thanked them for being a little crazy too. We do this four times a year, and each one has a different focus.

1. Vision
2. Appreciation
3. Worship
4. Celebrate

So we say thanks at all of them, but in August, I focus more on the vision for the coming year.

As a part of the night, I gave out the first two Leafys. These are custom made awards to recognize special service. We gave them to two volunteers that just go over and above the call.

Saying thanks is something that I have to keep working on, but it’s like fuel. One of the reasons we don’t have a volunteer problem is that I think we’ve done a good job of creating a volunteer culture. It really means something to be a volunteer leader at Oak Leaf Church.


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