On my blog, I wrote a few tips for keeping things simple. I think this principle is true for every church, but it’s especially criticial for a church plant. As a church planter, you’ll be tempted to try and do it all, or offer everything that your sponsoring church does.

In reality, you should probably focus 90% of your energy on the weekend services, since that’s when most people will encounter your church for the first time. Behind the scenes, you should build your team…the people that will lead your ministry in the future.

If I was going back and doing it all again, I’d spend less time trying to create catchy core values and messing with the website, and more time on the services and on developing leaders.


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  1. Will Henderson on

    Thanks Michael for that good advice. I appreciate your heart for planters and young pastors.

  2. Chris Hill on

    Good point If your vision is simple and your leaders have clarity of that vision, then the simplicity (in theory) should flow from the top down into whatever you offer. Also, simplicity may not necessarily mean less programs if the vision that steers you is simple and clear to start with.

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