Documents and Forms


I’m pleased to announced that our Documents and Forms are available for purchase.  This is a complete set of nearly every document and form that we use…it’s like a church in a box.  Budgets, bylaws, policies, forms, handbooks, strategies, charts and more.  It’s taken us years to get this stuff to where it is now, and I would have probably killed for it three years ago.  $79 for the complete set.

Here’s the link for you to order via paypal.

Soon after your purchase, you’ll receive an email with the download link.  Here’s just some of what will be in the zip file.

Ordination Application
Statement of Beliefs
Calendar Request
Descriptions of Meetings and Retreats
Staff Org Chart
Key and Alarm Agreement
Event Planning Checklist
Facility Use Policy
Facility Use Request Form
Building Procedures
Volunteer Application
Children’s Ministry Policies and Procedures
Children’s Ministry Parent Handbook
Baby Dedication Philosophy
Student Ministry Policies and Procedures
Pro Kids Policy
Counseling Procedures
FTG Follow Up Process
Greeter Handbook
Parking Handbook
Security Plan
Small Group Handbook
New Christian Follow Up Process
Baptism Process
Series Video/Graphic Checklist
Series Planning Timetable
Master Production Checklist
Worship Philosophy
Creative Arts Ministry Manual
Style Guide
Guide to the Giving Talk
Guide to the Welcome
Production Meeting Agenda
Worship Leader Expectations
Chart of Accounts
Spending Procedures
Offering Count Directions
Benevolence Policy
Purchase Requisition
Budgeting Process
Reimbursement Form
Hiring Process
Employee Handbook
Blank Housing Allowance Form
Employment Application
Checklist for New Hires
Leadership Development Plan
Resignation Agreement
6-Month Evaluation
Staff Job Descriptions


6 comments so far

  1. […] a Word Doc form (included in the Docs&Forms package by the way), but the form is also online. This gets submitted to our office manager who checks for […]

  2. Johnny on

    Placed an order. How/where do I get the download?

    • Michael on

      a download link will be emailed to you in the next couple of days.

  3. Michael on

    if you purchase now, you’ll get a download link within a few hours.

  4. […] Docs & Forms – a complete set of documents and forms developed by the team at Oak Leaf Church […]

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