Volunteer Job Descriptions

As a part of our systems check-up, we’re revising all of our volunteer job descriptions. Most pastors have written job descriptions, but do your volunteers have them? Do they know what you’re expecting from them and how long it should take? Do they know who they talk to if they are going to miss a weekend or have a problem? If you’re trying to get someone on the same page, it’s probably best to have an actual page.  We have a written job description for every volunteer position.  Here’s one for an elementary host.

Opportunity: Elementary Host
Time: Weekend Service and approximately 5 hours during the week.
Reports to: Elementary Host Coach

Each Sunday morning we have a unique opportunity to capture the minds and hearts of elementary aged children. We must do everything we can, on and off stage, to show them that God is relevant to their world.

As a Host, your job is to lead the kids in their 1 hour Sunday morning experience…creating a fun, engaging, Christ-centered atmosphere. Be the mouthpiece and the facilitator, driving home the main point.


  1. Practice your script during the week. (If applicable, memorize your lines.)
  2. Arrive early, being sure to huddle with your team each weekend.
  3. Do everything you can to engage the kids with God’s truth. Be goofy, funny, silly, serious, silent, loud, and extremely animated and creative.
  4. Communicate to the Host Coach any new ideas, encouraging stories, or concerns.
  5. “Own” the room on Sunday morning. Be in charge of the “flow”…seeing that the hour runs smooth and on time.

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