Next week, we’re starting a pilot program at Oak Leaf Church called Oak Leaf University. It’s a series of four week courses that will happen on Tuesday nights from 6-8. They cost $20, and include snacks, course materials and childcare.

While we’ve offered Journey Groups since our church began, I think Oak Leaf University will meet a different need.  The courses are short term (four week commitment), meaning that it’s easier for many to attend.  We’re providing childcare, which is easier for parents with children. It’s a little more classroom-oriented, which appeals to a different kind of learner.

The four courses that we are offering in the first semester are Theology 101 (I’m teaching…here’s the student book that we prepared), Introduction to the Bible, Parenting and Finances.  Two “Bible” topics and two “Practical” topics.  So far, we have had 100 people sign up for July, which is about 15% of our adult weekend attendance.

The idea is to run it for one month, with two months back to back, and then take two months off.  That will give us six semesters a year, and we’ll offer different classes.  We are currently working on a course for new Christians, something on Leadership, and a Church History course for the fall.


3 comments so far

  1. Ron Swanson on

    Looks good. We are looking to do something similar.

  2. Jason Grove on

    Just wanted to say thank you for the docs and files you just made avalaible. Very helpful. Wondering if you guys could email me the answer key for the Theology guide you all are offering for class. Looked at guide and its excellent. I wont share or sell, for personal use. Thanks for all you guys do.

    • Michael on

      check back soon…we’ll post it.

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