It may not sound like a big deal, but it’s important for everyone in your church to use the same vocabulary. Here’s a list of official Oak Leaf terms. Believe it or not, getting everyone on the same page required a good bit of discussion (and some final decision making from me)

  • Volunteer – Not serving group member. This is a person that serves in some capacity at Oak Leaf Church.
  • Volunteer Team -Volunteers don’t serve alone; they serve in a team. Not serving groups. A team is a group with a purpose. Teams work with a goal in mind.
  • Coach – This is a person who is charge of a volunteer team. They coach other leaders.
  • Huddles –  These are short meetings of volunteer teams that happen before a weekend service.
  • VIP – This is the acronym used to guide the Huddle Meeting. Every huddle meeting should contain some vision, some information, and some prayer.
  • Mission Statement –  We are here to lead people from where they are to where God wants them to be.
  • 3 G’s – (Gather, Grow, Give) This is our strategy – how we accomplish the mission. We want to GATHER people on the weekends. Then we want to help them GROW, maybe through a Journey Group or an Oak Leaf University course, or by reading their Bible. Finally, we want them to GIVE… through being on a volunteer team and giving of their finances.
  • Service –  Not experience or gathering. Are you coming to the Saturday night service?
  • Time of Giving The part in the weekend service where people give their tithes and offerings. Not “the offering.” We are going to participate in the time of giving.
  • Receive the offering – We receive the offering. We do not have mafia guys who go through the aisle and take it.
  • Guest – Visitors are usually uninvited, but you prepare for guests.
  • Partnership – This is what we call membership. It’s usually a good idea to say “this is what we call membership” when you toss out the term.
  • Courses – What we offer through Oak Leaf University. Not classes or seminars.
  • Instructor – The person who teaches an Oak Leaf University course
  • Handout – not the bulletin or talk notes.
  • Connection Card – Not communication card.
  • Next Step Area – Not table. If you decided to follow Christ, stop by the next step area after the service.
    Environments – Not classrooms. The air isn’t working properly in one of the preschool environments.
  • Auditorium – Not the sanctuary or the main room. If you have a main room, then you have minor rooms.
  • Invite – We never recruit….we invite.
  • Opportunity – We have opportunities for people to serve, not needs.
  • Message – Not sermon or talk.

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