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Registration via Google Docs

A couple of people have asked this question, so I thought I’d answer it here. For The Cartersville Egg Drop, we allowed people to pre-register online. We collected information on about 2,000 people, and when they came to the park, they just picked up an armband.

The simple form was created via Google docs, and when the user hits submit, the data automatically goes into a spreadsheet. That makes it easy to manage.  They also get a confirmation page – we used that to give them the schedule for the day once more.

We’ll send all the folks that pre registered an evite to our upcoming series. And we’ll later merge the info with the info received on paper registrations at the park and send a snail mail postcard.

It just allows us another opportunity to invite people to church, so that’s why we do it.


Web Design Recomendation

If you need a website design, I want to recommend a new friend. Chad did our Egg Drop website, and is an all-around good guy that does all around great work.

Look him up on twitter: @chadkello.

Inbox Promotions

We’ve used Inbox Promotions a few times to send out thousands and thousands of e-mails to people that live in our area.  We’ve promoted our Christmas Eve Eve concert, the launch of a parenting series, and we’re sending one out this week to promote our Egg Drop and Easter Weekend.

We’ve very pleased with the results.  At least 1,000 people visited our website as the result of the last e-mail.  I think that’s pretty good for less than $300.

Good Place for Ideas

Check out the Flickr Church Marketing Lab.  Designers post different types of postcards, posters, slides, etc. for peer review.  There’s some pretty good designers and some pretty good ideas in there.

Group Text Messaging

For a few months, we’ve been asking our people for permission to send them periodic text message updates.  So far, we have about 200 cell phone numbers and permission to send messages.  Seems like it would be good way to send a quick reminder.

But I don’t know of a decent and affordable way to send out group text messages.  Anyone got any ideas?

Advertising is Spiritual

Rob Bell doesn’t like marketing and advertising.  His doesn’t do mailouts or invite cards or billboards.  On more than one occasion, I’ve heard Rob talk about his distaste for advertising and marketing, as it’s lumped in with the commercialization of Christianity.  He’s pretty down on the subject.

These words come from the same guy that talk about how everything is spritual.  How the secular and spiritual divide wasn’t existent in Hebrew culture.  How art and music and culture are spiritual, and how the secular label falls so far short.

If art or music can be spiritual, than so can marketing.  I’m not saying that advertising is required.  But I believe it can be a form of advertising.  Equipping our people with invite cards and doing some targeted direct mail and putting out signs on the weekends are just some of the ways that we do outreach.  Personal invitations are fueled by some of these other methods.  And as Rob Bell might say, they are all spiritual.

Promotion via E-Mail

Based on Tadd’s recommendations, we recently used InBox Promotions to do a mass e-mail to a bunch of people that live in our area.  These were opt-in people, and we sent them an e-mail that promoted our upcoming Google series.  The e-mail cost us $295.

The email generated about 850 hits on our website.  We did see more first time guests the week after the e-mail went out (there were probably other factors in addition to this).  But even if a few people came to church as the result of this $295 investment, I think it’s well worth it.  I think it was a fair price for nearly 1,000 hits on our website.

We’re planning on doing it again in March when we launch a family series.  That time, we’ll let the e-mail point to a specific page on our site where we have a promotional video for the series, map and service times.

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Free Marketing Book – Audio

I highly recommend that church planters study marketing and advertising.  Buzz Marketing and Made to Stick are two books that I recommend.  I also recommend PyroMarketing, authored by the guy that marketed Purpose Driven Life.  If you don’t like to read, he’s made the entire audio version available for free.

Advertising and marketing can be a form of outreach.  They can help get more people to hear the message of Jesus Christ.

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Chuck Norris

If your name is Charles/Chuck Norris or if you know someone who has the name, please let me know.  We need famous names to put on “I Love Oak Leaf Church” signs that will go all over Cartersville.  I can’t find a Chuck Norris, but if you know someone who would let us put their “famous” name on a sign direct them my way.

Anthony Gratto

Executive Pastor

Marking is Outreach

I always recommend that pastors and church planters become the expert in their church on marketing. Marketing and advertising isn’t secular – it can be a form of outreach. You should read marketing books, and the best one I’ve read is Buzz Marketing.

I promise you’ll get some good ideas that you can use. It doesn’t mean that the church isn’t a spiritual thing, and you can market and fall flat on your face if you’re not walking with God. But if you love Jesus and want to reach people, this book can help you.