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Coaching Network Update

Applications are staring to come in for the church planters coaching network that’s set to begin this August.  We’re going to meet once a month for six months and talk nuts and bolts of church planting.  I’m limiting the network to about 10-12 people, who are just about to launch or are already launched, and I think it will be worth your while.

We’re going to talk staffing, vision, money, leading, ministry, programming, and more.  I’ll give you every document…bylaws, meeting agendas, forms…that we’ve got.  I’ll let you know how all our systems really work.   We’ll focus on how to launch and how to lead.  I will connect your staff with people on our staff as well, with the hopes of developing an ongoing relationship.  We’ll meet most of one day a month in Cartersville at the House of Rock, and lunch will be provided.

We’re partnering with Westridge, and I’ll invite some of my church planting friends in so we can learn from the people actually doing it.  Three years into this, I honestly believe that coaching is one of the missing pieces in most church plants.  Think about it…professional athletes still have coaches!

If you’re interested, email Tracy and she will send you an application.  The first meeting will be in August.


Anti Conference Details

Okay, there seems to be a good deal of interest in this this. I’m thinking maybe of a Wednesday/Thursday – Saturday sometime in April or May of 08. (After Easter) Here’s my top five choices at the moment for the location.

  • Boston – one of my favorite cities, cool old stuff
  • Baltimore – never been there
  • Philly – been a long time since I’ve been there, but I hear it’s fun
  • Miami – a sunny option and Cuban food
  • Vegas – probably the cheapest travel and hotel option, lots to do.

Again, I’m thinking of a lose topical organization, maybe some round tables over meals, lots of hangout time, and some things to do with wives. Learning, vacation and networking all in one.

The Anti-Conference

It seems like anybody who figures out something puts on a conference. I’m not judging, because I really like going to conferences.  But the #1 value of a conference for me is the hallway conversations and the informal networks that develop.

And it seems like there are quite a few coaching networks popping up.  Pay $200 and I’ll let you hang out with me for a few hours.  I’m all for learning, and again, you get no judgement from me.  I know those things are worth it.

But it seems like we could get together, without a 11 hour a day, 3-day schedule and without three expert keynote speakers.  In my own church planting journey,  I learned the most from asking questions, hanging out and talking about real life issues.  What are you guys doing series wise?  What’s been your most effective form of advertising?  How do you guys program your services?  What % of my budget should I spend on staff?

So, I’m thinking about throwing the anti-conference.  A couple of days, wives included (because they need to network too…and not in the cheesy pastor’s wives retreat settings).  An interesting city,  a little organized conversation over some meals, some free time, and lots of connecting.  No expert teachers, just people actually doing ministry.  No worship band set playing through a $50,000 sound system.  No know it alls, but a bunch of learners.  Part learning.  Part vacation.  All anti conference.

Anyone interested?

Unleash Info

Newspring has posted video from the main sessions as well as PDF summaries of all the breakouts here.  It’s definitely worth a look to anyone working in a church.

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Church Planters Conference

We don’t get anything for saying this, but if you are a church planter, or thinking about starting a church, you should attend this conference.  I went last year, and I can honestly say it was the best conferences I attended.  Some other conferences I attended were just organized commercials…but this one resulted in several practical ideas that we put into play as we launched Oak Leaf Church.  Here’s why I would attend this year:

  • There are great speakers.  Top notch people.
  • It’s hosted by a great church, who "gets it."
  • It’s just $99, well worth it.
  • And for what it’s worth, I’m leading one of the breakout sessions. 

The conference is February 26-27, 2007 in Atlanta.  I’d highly recommend you attend it. Hollar at me if you’d like to hook up.

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Church Planters Conference

I went to a Church Planting conference last year hosted by some of the folks at Mountain Lake Church.
It was a very good conference, with some good information.  This year,
I’ve been asked to lead a breakout session on "Launching Large."  I’m
very excited about that, but think it’s kind of funny.  Though I’ve
worked really hard for the past year and a half, our church is really
just 10 weeks old.  We’ve done a lot of things right and some things
wrong.  Anyway, I’m blessed and honored to be able to contribute. 

This years conference has some great speakers including Perry Noble, Matt Carter and Dave Ferguson.  Looks like some other great breakouts too.  It’s affordable and definitely worth it.  Check it out.

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