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Launching a Second Campus

We’ve told some of our leaders and we’re making the big announcement to our church this week, but I’ll let the cat out of the bag for the faithful Behind the Leaf readers.

On our two year anniversary (August 17,2008), we’re launching a second campus.  Back at the original site of our launch…the movie theater in Cartersville.  We believe this will allow us to reach thousands more people for Christ.  We’ll do the teaching via video, and everything else will be live.  We’ve been working on this behind the scenes for some time.

We’re treating it just like a church plant…creating a launch team out of our church, getting the stuff, developing new leaders, and raising money.  And speaking of money, we’ve launched something called the 250 project.  We’re looking for 250 people, small groups, churches, etc. to donate $250.  I’m doing this myself.  We’re asking all of our leaders to do it.  But I’d love to see some of the Behind the Leaf readers help out.

Anyway, here’s the launch website.