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Service Recap 4.15.07

We began a new three-part series today called "Click" by talking about PLAY.

Music:  King (Tree 63), Let us Adore Him, Tears of the Saints (Leeland) and Mighty to Save (Hillsong).

Highlights:  We challenged people to get involved and go invite.  It was a challenge to take the task of building the church seriously and personally.  It’s not what we get out of it, but what we bring to it.  We talked about puzzle pieces and I Corinthians 12.  We concluded the service by talking about the thousands of people we know that are disconnected from God.  We then wrote all the names down on four large canvasses placed around the theater.  People came forward to write the names of friends, co-workers and family members.  We challenged them to do whatever it takes to get people to church on the 29th when we present the gospel.  If this sounds familiar, Perry did this recently.  We just can’t write on the walls of the movie theater.  While people were writing, the band played Tears of the Saints and we played this video.

Stats:  There were 474 people at church this morning, which was only 50-75 people less than Easter last week!  The second service was packed and we had to bring out chairs from the birthday room.  We still have some room at the 9:00 service.

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Service Recap 4.8.07

Date:  4.8.07 – Easter
Music:  Mighty to Save and Wholly Yours.  Program order here.

Message:  All In.  We set up a poker table and had a couple of guys playing during the message.  I posted all the resources earlier, including the message transcript, graphics and the intro video.  Watch the video here.
Numbers:  We had about 575 people in three services.  This was the most ever for our eight month old church.  To accommodate people for Easter, we had three 45 minute services.  That was a great exercise of trimming the fat.  No fluff…only the stuff that really matters.

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Service Recap 4.1.07

April 1 was the first Sunday of spring break here in Cartersville, but we still had a great Sunday.   

Music:  The band kicked off the service with My Generation, then played Everlasting God (Lincoln Brewster version), Our God Reigns (Tomlin), Blessed Be Your Name, and Shine Your Light (a Will Goodwin original). 

Message:  John Evans, a friend of mine
from Orlando, taught for me.  John talked about loving God and loving others, which is Jesus’s own summary of all the commands.  He did a great job, and I would highly
recommend him to you.  He’s a full time speaker.  You can listen to the
podcast by going to

Stats:  There were 400 people in attendance today, down a little bit because of Spring Break.  We are looking forward to our first Easter as a church, and have been hard at work promoting Easter @ the Movies.

Here’s a word version of our program order, showing the breakdown, timing, transitions, video cues, etc.  Download olc_040107.doc

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3.18.07 Recap

Series:  Your Great Sex Life
Topic:  The Spiritual Side of Sex (get the podcast)
Highlights:  We focused on the fact that God created us male and female, and then turned the corner and talked about sexual sins, guilt and forgiveness.  We used a hammer and nails to illustrate the scars that are left behind from sexual mistakes.  We debuted the Easter @ the Movies video.  Message transcript and SG discussion questions are here.
Songs:  The Time Has Come (Hillsong), Our Love is Loud (Old School Passion) and I Am So In Love (Will Goodwin original)
Stats:  136 people at the 9:00 service, 206 people at the 10:15 service and 86 kids in Kidventure.  Take out 80 volunteers who stayed for both services and there were a total of 436 people in attendance.

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