Where We Get Stuff

Here’s an updated list of the companies and website we use on a regular basis.

  • We get the CD tins for sermon CD’s from Effectuality.
  • Our website was designed by Factor1Studios.
  • We get shirts designed and printed from Jon Jackson. If it’s more than 100, then we use Bargain Tees. They are the most cost effective place I’ve found.
  • I use PsPrint to print event tickets, invite cards and make signs via color laser copies. They have a bunch of other cool products and are pretty cheap. We use NetPrint24 to print postcards.
  • We’ve been using Liberty Press to do our postcard printing and mailing. It’s slightly more expensive than printing them on your own and doing a saturation mailout yourself, but it’s much easier. Ask for Tim.
  • We use Creative Big Print to print all our vinyl banners and signs.  Ask for Debbie.
  • We use Fellowship One for our data and contact management. We use Constant Contact to send out e-mail updates to various lists of people.
  • I use Calling Post to send out recorded messages to everyone in our database.  It’s pretty cheap and easy to use (but don’t over use it)
  • We got pipe and drape from Georgia Expo.
  • We got our flag banner signs from Displays2Go. I also got my teaching podium from them.
  • And here’s a great place to research and purchase video projectors.
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