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Do you have a question about church planting or church leadership?  We’ll do our best to share everything we’ve learned – our victories and our failures.  Just leave a comment with your question.


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  1. Brad Martin on

    Can you email some of your job descriptions for your children & student leaders, volunteers etc?

  2. Mario on

    do you have a singles group ?

  3. Garret on

    You said you play secular music in the lobby. Can you e-mail me a list of secular songs that you have used.


  4. Garret on

    What is the limelight team?

  5. Michael on


    i check out the itunes top 100 and get some popular stuff. half of the stuff is crap, but some of it is okay. there’s also some other popular stuff from the radio. just listen to the top stations. life is a highway was popular for a while. the fray. some u2.

    the limelight team is the group of volunteers who serve in our student environment.

  6. Mike Silliman on

    Do you have a good resource for rear projection screens?

  7. Will Goodwin on

    I suggest getting your screens from stumpfl ( From everything I have researched, they are by far the best quality and lest expensive screens on the market. They have to be shipped from New Zealand or something like that so plan ahead and be sure of what you want.

    Will Goodwin
    Creative Arts Pator
    Oak Leaf Church

  8. doug on

    In a post in the past you have included a document listing the different elements to your worship service and detailing transitions etc. Could you email me a copy of an old one.


  9. Tyler on

    Do you guys have an Oakleaf myspace page? I have heard a couple of problems with the church having this, or a youtube page, etc., with people posting porn links in comments, etc. It seems like a good idea to me, but I see some draw backs. Any insight?


  10. Scott Sparks on

    What is your process for money when it comes to counting, depositing, and check writing and who is responsible for each?


  11. Will Henderson on

    A while back you posted something about a church plant internship at Oak Leaf. Is this still open for application and if so could you email me the selection criteria?

  12. Chris Edmondson on

    Hey Michael,

    I have been following Oak Leaf from y’all’s inception. Our church, oneChurch in Clarksville, Tennessee is very similar. We had 2 preview services this past summer, had a launch team of 35 adults, and launched the church in our local movie theatre on September 9th with 202 in attendance. We are currently over 330 now, and we need to either go to two services or move across the street to the local High School (again, very similar to y’all). I want to go to two services before we have to move so that we can help our children’s workers out by giving them more options to worship(currently, we have over 100 children at oneChurch). We get in the theatre at 7:00am and we have everything tore down at 11:30am, with a 10:00am service. I noticed that y’all had a 9:00am and a 10:15am service. How did that work for y’all? How was the turn around time in the children’s area? What are some things that didn’t work well for you guys? How did you communicate this need for two services to the people?

    P.S. I would love to have your job descriptions as well for your staff, too. Currently, we have 3 full-time staff (lead pastor, worship, and children’s) with volunteer staff of a Teaching pastor, Small Groups dude, Connections/Assimilation Pastor and Host Ministry Leader. Thanks for everything you guys do!

    Chris Edmondson

  13. doug on

    You use to have a doc that was called Oak Leaf Way or something similar It was a booklet that presented the vision, history etc of Oak Leaf. I was interested in building something similar. Could you email it to me or give me a link to take a look at it again.


  14. lloyd owens on


    I was hoping to find a listing of job descriptions and responsibilities as like most others have asked. Is this a feasible request. Also, did you all have a launch plan or action list? What did it look like? I have talked to several church planters and the word is that you were a genius in the fund raising department, was there a format or a particular letter you sent out before your phone calls? I could go on, but i will stop there. Thank you in advance for all of your help!

  15. paulpeterson on

    Can you talk about the process of becoming a 501(c)3?

    Secondly, would you share your articles of incorporation or point us to some sample docs?

    Any pointers on these steps?

  16. Tyler Zielasko on

    Hey Oakleaf. I am a worship pastor in Florida. I have a licensing question for you guys… What licenses do you guys use/need for covering secular music, recrding your service, podcasting, and putting the service on the internet?


  17. Will Henderson on

    Just wondering if I could possibly get a copy of the transcript from the Church Planters Chat??
    It all happened a bit too quicky at 4 in the morning Australian Time!!
    Thanks for connecting us.

  18. Jodi Todd on

    We’ve just started using Keynote with ProPresenter, and I have only a very basic knowledge of Keynote (and Macs in general). What do you use for Sermon Note slides, and if anyone is pretty experienced with Keynote, could you please email me? Thanks!

  19. Will Henderson on

    Just been catching up with your “Launching a Campus” site and after reading the blog post, “110 people needed for launch team” a question that burst into my head is – do you have 110 people serving each week or is 60 people in a alternating roster?

  20. Ben on

    Reading through the book you mention your prospectus is available at behindtheleaf and I can’t find it. Can you point me that way? Thanks.

  21. Teddy on

    In the last six months my family and I relocated to the Tampa Bay area, closed our house in Maryland, rented a small home here in St. Petersburg, and immediately got involved in American missionfield work and asking God about planting a church for those we are gathering. My daughter goes to a local Christian school, my amazing wife volunteers there during the day to complement our vision of missions in the local area and a personal love of children.

    Currently, we are developing a church launch proposal, strategy and plan after clear and evident call from God. In the mean time we are remaining committed to the Young Adult Crisis Hotline we developed. Every day we are involved with networking and developing relationships with people to develop a core group.

    We are at earliest stages of developing relationships, they take lots of time to develop especially when you really do not know anyone and are getting to know people stage. God is working in people’s lives here and I am in a rough draft still developing a church plant proposal and strategy plan. I am available to God to open doors and opportunities He has for our lives. Remaining available to God’s plan.

    This is very different doing work here on the American missionfield than it was in Africa in Church planting that I work in extensively for over three years. Also working at a church and planting a church are very different animals. The Church ministry work I was involved with was very traditional and outdated it was like winning people ,management, and maintaining people. Even though I have been involved with working in a church work for the last 14 years mostly in the pastoral crisis counseling and even assisted in planting numerous churches abroad it is so different when we speak about planting a church here in America. I just wanted someone like yourself who in the middle of the experience to see if I was at least heading in the right direction and give some practical steps like how do you develop a core group and stuff like that. Thank you for your time again deeply appreciate it.

  22. Edward on

    I’m planting a Church in Jefferson County, Ga. I’m setting up bylaws and was wondering if you had any resources that could help me out. I’m a new pastor-new to Church planting. I’m getting advice as I go from The Church at Greenbrier (chuck Gordon)

    Pastor in need,

  23. Tyler Zielasko on

    How do you guys do back ground checks on kids volunteers? Do you have a form and an organization that processes it?


  24. Doug on

    What type of cable do you run between your computer and projector? We currently run vga cable and we are getting some drag on background videos in ProPresenter. Thanks.

  25. will on


    we use regular bnc cable and have latency problems as well. However, our issues are with the projector themselves. we tested every possible scenario and determined something within our particular projectors was taking too much time to translate the signal and broadcast it.

    Fortunately, we are about to return to sending a digital signal across the chain and so far in our tests, the video has very little delay or latency.

    Will Goodwin
    Creative Arts Pastor

  26. john on

    Where do you get your road signs and waht do you put on them? Also what size are the ones you use?

  27. Mike on

    Do you all know of any good resources for student ministry in a church plant?

  28. Charles McKinley on

    I was at a Christmas service that you had back in December. Im intrested in knowing how you did the text to screen with pyayer at the end of the service?



  29. Tony Villatoro on

    Lets say that you will meet with your launch team for a number of months (6 to 9 months), I would like to know what is a good curriculum to go through?
    Also, when is an appropiate time to meet with the launch team and how often?
    One more… if there are any people that are members of another church and they want to be in your launch team… do you have them quit their church and join your “group”? or what do you do?

    Can you tell Im a rookie?
    Thank you for this blog… It really has helped me.

    God bless.

  30. tylerjz on

    Where do you guys go to find a helicopter for your egg drop?


    • Michael on

      i think we just looked it up in the yellow pages or called a small airport.

  31. tylerjz on

    What do you guys keep your mixer and PA rack effects etc. in? Was it pre-made, or did you build it yourselves? Any pictures would be incredibly helpful…


  32. Jen on

    Thanks for your willingness to share your info! We are all in this together. Last fall we launched semester based groups at our church. We love it but we’re having trouble leveraging Fellowship One to organize the groups. Do you use F1 to manage sign ups etc. for Small Groups or do you have a separate system for groups?

  33. peyton on

    what are some tips to bring people into church that wouldn’t normally attend?

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