Church Planting Book

aunching Large is a book about starting churches, and you can get a PDF for free.  You can sign up here and the next newsletter that’s sent out will contain the link. Here’s what some people have said about Launching Large.

Just read through your book.  I have read most of the stuff out there on planting and yours takes a different edge.  You fill in a lot of the whole that most guys are asking questions about.  So well done.  Thanks for the PDF and I will pass it on to the guys I coach.

Thanks for making this book available.  I’ve JUST started planting in Chattanooga, TN.  As I’ve read the first 70 pages of Launching Large I see a great deal of similarities in our story and in your story and the story of Oak Leaf Church.  This PDF has already been a huge source of encouragement for me and I’ve only had it for less than 24 hours.

Michael, thanks for the free book. We are moving in a month to our church planting destination from Pensacola, FL to Detroit.What I have read so far is very practical and helpful for me.  Thank you for your candor and honesty.

The book is for church planters or those interested in starting a church.  You’ll learn things about:
  • Building a core group and becoming a launch team
  • Advertising and Outreach
  • Raising support and funding a church plant
  • Hiring Staff
  • Starting small groups
  • Doing Sunday morning well (and on a budget)
  • How to set a budget
  • Teaching and music

3 comments so far

  1. Steve on

    Hey, we are launching next month. I came across your behind the leaf site. Lots of good stuff. I couldn’t get the paypal link to work and would like a copy of the pdf of your book. How can I get it?


  2. Charles A Wallace II on

    Thank you for the wonderful offer but it appears that I cannot access the sign up page and paypal is acting wierd too!

    Please send me your PDF sounds like it is packed with wonderful information.

    Thank you in advance!


    • Michael on

      sorry, the link should be working now.

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