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Faith & Doubt Series Resources

Here’s a zip file containing message notes, Keynote presentations (you’ll need iWork 09), and an invite card (flattened PSD) to a two part series called Faith and Doubt.  Part one focuses on the relationship between faith and doubt, and part two focuses on practical steps to building faith.  You can listen and watch these messages by visiting our website.


Supermodel Series


Supermodel was a fun series.  We talked about being a model Christian, a model parent and a model church.  We finished up with the model life of Jesus.

We shot a goofy video to serve as the promo and sermon intro.  Here’s the message notes, and you can always watch online.

Fountain of Truth Resources


One of the most well-received series we’ve done was on five major world religions.  We covered Mormonism, Islam, Judaism, Catholicism and Christianity.  It took a lot of work to prepare for this series, and a ton of work went into message prep.  But it was worth it.

Here’s a zip file of 4 of the messages (we had a guest speaker for Judaism), as well as the layered PSD of the graphic that we used for the series.  You can watch these messages online by visiting our website and navigating your way to watch services online.

Free Sermon Resources

Here’s some zip files containing message notes, keynotes (mac’s version of powerpoint), psd files and other graphics for some of our recent sermon series. Use them at will.

1. Tattoo. This was a one part series (i know, technically not a series) about being marked for Christ. We did this on Easter of 08.

2. Confessions of a Pastor. Contains I don’t most christians, i’m not always a good parent, i hate prayer meetings and sometimes, i doubt God.

3. KidNation. Three weeks on parenting…covers values, what kids need and discipline. I think this one was very well received by our church.

4. Google. Did this in january to talk about some of life’s most searched for topics…fame, money, sex, and politics. Fun topics.

5. Regift. This goes back to last december, where we focused on giving to others what we have been given by God.

6. Dominate. This was four parts on the mission of our church, fueled by the story of the early church advancing and dominating a region with the Gospel.

You can listen to the audio of these via our podcast, or watch videos on our website.

Setup Photos

Click here to see some photos of our setup on Flickr.  And here to see some of our different series logos.

Skittles Series Resources

Here’s a zip file with three messages and three keynote presentations from our recent Skittles series.  We talked about money management, saving, spending and tithing.  Download

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Your Great Sex Life Resources…FREE

We did a series on Sex in March of 2007.  We created a series website.  We sent out a mailout, made a few t-shirts and upped the look of our set.  We saw about a 20% increase in attendance (which has been sustained), and only got a few nasty voice mails about the postcard.  But all in all, it was a good series, and a defining series for us.

Included in this zip file, you’ll find the message transcripts, powerpoint, graphics, postcards, an intro video and some other fun stuff.  You can listen to the messages by subscribing to the podcast. 

Download the stuff

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All In Resources

Here’s the resources from our Easter 2007 Stand Alone Message…All In. You can also download the podcast here and get the message transcript here. We talked about Saul the terrorist becomming Paul the missionary and challenged people to go all in to follow Jesus. It was a poker theme. Included in the zip file are the message notes, the graphics and slides, and a 30 second intro video. You can also watch the service at


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God on the Radio

We want to be as open source as possible with other churches and church planters, so here’s a zip file with all the resources from our God on the Radio series.  You’ll find message transcripts, all the Keynote presentations, an intro video, small group discussion questions, and some graphics.


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